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Several months ago the wife and I decided to join Second Baptist Church. We had been looking for a new church for well over a year, until one day a guy I used to work with, David, emailed me. He said him and his wife had joined Second within the past few years and loved it. He wanted to meet for dinner one night to catch up. What made our conversation most interesting is that David is one of the people I had on the list of least likely to accept Christ and join a church … But God!  When we used to work together we would discuss God often at work, he would sometimes mock a few of my beliefs but I took it in stride.  Little did I know but I would lay a seed down for David to be led to Christ. I even gave him a bible in-which he showed me later on that he still kept.  David is a very intelligent person … even smarter than my wife, but my wife still knows everything (insert sarcasm.) We both work in the I.T. world and finding a christian brother working in that industry is very difficult because those in my field are too smart, for their own good, to accept Christ’s payment for sins. (See 1 Corinthians 1:18 ) Second had always been on the list of churches we had no desire to join due to its size. Our previous church had a membership at around 400 to 500 people we considered that to be big.   Second has around 23,000 weekly attenders and 50,000 members. It’s considered the 6th largest church in America … BIG! It also has a BIG heart for Houston and beyond.  I love our church and I can see us growing our family of 5 there for years to come.

This past week I journeyed as a counselor/leader with 1,100 junior high students and 300 plus leaders from our church to South Padre Island, Texas.  It was time for the annual Second Baptist summer beach retreat camp. In preparation I went in expecting to see lives changed and that’s exactly what God did with my life. The camp is directed at 7th and 8th graders but even some of the leaders came forth and gave their lives to Christ and accepted his payment for their sins. The previous mentioned David sent his daughter Gabby to the camp as a 7th grader this year as well. This brought to mind all of those moments David and I spent discussing the value of Christ and apologetics. His daughter was standing at the alter accepting Christ because of His Grace and mercy. My part was I was able to plant a seed years prior that enabled David to recognize his need for a savior. Thus his wife and children know Christ as Lord. Gabby was water baptized during beach retreat along with over 450 students at Schlitterbahn. It was beyond rewarding to see that God’s word does not come back void and that my time was not spent in vain with David all those years.

Some of the thoughts that the beach retreat brought to mind. God still speaks and uses people to accomplish his purposes. He desires for us to stop what we are doing and spend silent time with him where we read his Holy Scriptures and ask Him to show us more of who he is. Many people struggle with self-worth on a daily basis and find it difficult to accept much of what life hands their way.  Just know that if you get this one thing right then you will have gotten everything right … Christ died for your sins, so that your life might glorify Him.


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    I love being your wife, even if I do know everything.

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