New Creation

I am glad to announce that today I have placed my first post on my new blog, Grace Clarified.  The information you will find on the website will deal with the subject of theology, bible readings, technology, books or media I would recommend and of course my life in regard to my wonderful wife and children.  I love my family and I thank God nearly every day for the joy they bring.  I hope the content you find on Grace Clarified is of interest to you, if not then no worries as I am sure you will find something of interest such as my wife’s wonderful blog.

My talented creative wife created my blog layout for me and I am thankful for the amount of time she poured into it. Thank you Bobbie Jo, you are wonderfully made.  Starting a few months ago I knew I wanted to start up a blog again. My previous blogs died out due to lack of interest on my part and my time was being stretched thin at the time. I spent a good while kicking around a name until one day the name became very clear. There is nothing that sparks more interest in my thinking than the subject of God’s Grace to us. I named my first-born Grace and that was not by coincidence. My second born child is named Clara and it means clear. So to me Grace Clarified fits better than any blog name I could have picked.

I try to make my points of view very simple and easy to understand.  Some blogs seem to be information over load and I read a few paragraphs and click over to the next blog.  My wife will swear I only look at the pictures on her blog postings but that’s pretty far from the truth … most days. I tend to be a very practical person and I probably won’t be sharing anything that has not affected me directly. I hope you enjoy this blog, as I know I will enjoy sharing the thoughts that bounce around my head.



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